Staffonly.shtml is a web page used to limit access to a website to only certain users. It is a type of access control mechanism that is used to protect the website from unauthorized access.

Staffonly.shtml works by restricting access to a website to only those users who have been given permission to access it. The web page contains a list of allowed users and their associated passwords. When a user attempts to access the website, they are prompted to enter their username and password. If the user‘s credentials match those on the list, they are granted access.

The web page also contains instructions on how to change the username and password list. This allows the website administrator to grant or revoke access to the website as needed. Additionally, the page can be used to customize the access control mechanism to suit the website‘s needs.

Staffonly.shtml is a useful tool for website administrators who want to ensure that their website is securely accessible to only those users who should have access. It is simple to implement and can be used to control access to sensitive information.