RTI Survey is an online survey tool that allows users to create, collect, and analyze survey data. It is an easytouse, webbased platform that enables users to quickly create surveys, launch them, and gather data and analyze it.

RTI Survey is designed to provide a comprehensive, userfriendly experience for creating, administering, and analyzing surveys. RTI Survey provides a wide range of survey question types, including multiple choice, openended questions, ranking, and rating scales. It also provides a variety of customization options, such as question and answer styling, question branching, and embedding images or videos.

RTI Survey allows users to create surveys for multiple languages and provides automatic translations, if needed. Users can launch RTI Survey surveys through email, social media, or embedding the survey on a website. Once the survey is launched, RTI Survey provides realtime reporting and analytics, allowing users to view and analyze survey results in an intuitive, graphical format.

RTI Survey also provides a variety of export options, including CSV, PDF, and HTML. RTI Survey also provides a range of collaboration options, allowing users to share surveys with other users, assign tasks, and track responses.

RTI Survey also provides an API, allowing users to build custom apps to collect and analyze survey data. It also provides a range of security options, including twofactor authentication and encryption of data.