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CRTIEC is an internationally acclaimed research organization which advocates for and provides resources that support effective implementation of Response to Intervention (RTI) within Early Childhood Education settings. RTI is an approach which employs multi-tiered instructional techniques in order to identify and support students with learning needs before they fall behind; its purpose being identifying early signs of academic distress in students before falling further behind in class. As such, its primary mission of CRTIEC is conducting research as well as offering resources supporting effective RTI implementation across ECE settings.

Early childhood development is of vital significance to all children; during these formative years they gain key foundational skills that set the course for later academic achievement. Unfortunately, however, many disadvantaged families send children into kindergarten with significant learning gaps which become harder and harder to close once children enter later grades; it is therefore vitally important that CRTIEC be identified and supported immediately so as not to cause more issues down the road.

Research at CRTIEC is critical, given that RTI in ECE is still evolving and developing rapidly. Although RTI has long been utilized by K-12 educators, its implementation in early childhood education remains complex and often challenges practitioners implementing RTI. Our research seeks to uncover unique needs and obstacles encountered when using this methodology with children aged 3 – 5, along with effective practices which help young ones learn.

Implementing RTI in ECE requires significant resources – time, expertise and materials alike. At CRTIEC we believe providing educators with resources that assist them with this implementation is of vital importance; training materials, implementation guides and research briefs provided here offer helpful insight and strategies on overcoming the unique obstacles presented when applying this practice in classroom settings.

CRTIEC’s mission is of immense significance as RTI can play an invaluable role in closing the achievement gap among children from disadvantaged backgrounds who enter kindergarten with learning gaps. By employing RTI in ECE settings, we ensure all children have equal chances of succeeding academically and reaching their full potential.

As previously discussed, CRTIEC’s mission of conducting research and providing resources that support RTI in Early Childhood Education is essential in providing all children, especially those from underserved backgrounds, the chance to achieve academically. By addressing specific needs and challenges related to implementation in ECE settings, CRTIEC bridges the gap between research and practice by offering invaluable insights and practical strategies for educators working with young children – providing invaluable contributions that lay a strong foundation for future academic success for all young children enrolled with them.


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